Choosing Your Design

Are you ready to order your professional website? Review few main points, to help find the perfect design for you.

What is your website for?

Are you running a beauty salon looking to showcase your services? Or maybe you’re running a business and looking to sell or showcase your products and services? Understanding your website’s purpose is the first step to order a your professional website that fits your needs. The possibilities are endless!

What design & layout you need?

How do you want your website to look? Order a website that suits your tastes, business or brand. We have variety of ready made designs for every business category that will help you to find your required layout and theme that will save your time and you can view your website’s live design demo before order.

What is your time frame?

After order confirmation we will launch your website within 5 days (or) you can also get your website within 48 hours with our 2 days delivery service.

Save time by selecting a design that’s closest to your vision and requirements. Our designs are categorized to help you choose your business category. All designs are CMS based so after completion of your website you can easily add, edit, delete and update the content of your website with an easy “Microsoft Word” like editor.

View Your Website Before Order

Nobody will show you the website live design before order

You can check every design’s live demo before order. With this feature you will exactly know what design and layout you will get after completion. You have 2 full revision options. We will customize every design on your demand to make each and everything as per your requirements.

To choose a design

  1. Go to the Design Categories.
  2. Select your business category.
  3. View all designs related to your business.
  4. View Live Demo of every design.
  5. Order your favorite design.
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